Areas of Your Business That Might Need Focusing on for 2020

As we approach the end of the year, it is a time where many businesses will end up winding down or shutting up shop for a brief period. A great opportunity for you and your team to relax and to reflect on all the things you’ve achieved over the past year. And just before you do that, it’s a good idea to look at what areas of your business could do with looking at as you head into a new year.

Maybe you have some ideas in mind yourself, and you want to make them a priority. Here are some areas of your business that might need focusing on for 2020.

Better Your Relationships with Staff

Your relationship with your staff might be pretty good already, depending on how many you have and how big your current organization is. You may have prior experience in management and being a leader, or this could be your first time, and therefore, you may be winging it. Whatever position you’re in, looking after your staff is important, and if your business has performed exceptionally well, then those who’ve worked hard should be rewarded for their efforts. There’s a whole workforce that goes into running a business, and whether you’ve got one or two staff or a dozen, then having a good working relationship is important. That’s only going to happen if they feel like they’re being treated with respect. So look to better your current relationships and look at those individuals that may need a little work or opportunities to get to know them better. Not  everyone gets on, but in a working environment, it’s crucial that everyone behaves in the right way and is professional.

Reinvest Your Profits

The profits you make as a business are always going to be a great acknowledgment of just how hard you and your team are working. To improve and develop your business, a lot of it comes from having the talent and drive to achieve more. Setting goals and ensuring that every step that’s made is one that will hopefully get another opportunity. However, reinvesting profits back into your business is something that should be thought about to be included in the next year’s budget. Being able to utilize some extra money and putting it back into departments and areas of the business that need it most is going to pay itself back in the future. Start looking at those areas that could do with a financial boost and start assigning those profits so that you can start off the new year on a positive note.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service should be the number one focus for any company, but it’s often not. This is because when staff is overworked other parts of the business take priority, customer service, and after-care can often be pushed further down the list. And so it’s good to have some focus spent on improving your customer service going into the new year. Take a look at the current state of it and where it can be improved, perhaps by outsourcing another service or recruiting more staff internally. Numbers might not be a problem, but your strategy might be, so look at how you approach customer complaints and handling queries. There might be a number of things that you’re doing that could be affecting the experience and quality of service that a customer is feeling.

Make Your Website Better

A website can be a chance to really take your business to a global scale because of the potential it has to reach an audience beyond just your usual customers. The better your website is, the more of a chance it will have at getting noticed, and that’s important. Consider your website currently as it is, is there anything that can be changed to make it stand out more? Perhaps it’s worth getting an SEO company in, to access your website’s needs on the technical side of it, rather than just what your customers see.

The power of social media and the online world will forever continue to dominate the industry, no matter what one your business is in, so start investing your time and effort in to making your website the best it can be and to ensure that branding you have for your company and the brand’s voice is consistent throughout every platform.


Technology is one thing that all your staff needs in order to do their jobs. If they don’t have the ability to do that, then it can be highly frustrating and that can affect other parts of the company. Having working technology and the best that you can afford is essential. So look into upgrading your technology where possible and improving systems that might not be functioning at the best level that you need. Outsourcing your IT support might also be helpful, so see what resources you have available and how quickly IT issues get sorted on a regular basis. The quicker they can be fixed, the better.

Work Productivity

Productivity levels are often elements of the workplace that can suffer, and so it’s always a good idea to ensure that you can provide everything you can possibly give as a company. Your work processes can be affected by the quality or existence of systems and software that makes your staff work at a consistent rate. Things like work management platforms are good for departments to have to communicate with one another and to ensure that things are getting done efficiently and to help with deadlines.

Your business will always have something that needs to be improved and what you do with your budget and management of the company at the start of the year, will have an impact on what happens throughout. Give your business the best chance at more success for 2020 by using some of these tips. Figure out what needs work and what can be invested in to improve work processes, customers, and staff happiness. It all helps when it comes to the bigger picture.

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