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A Quick 4 Step Guide to Making Your First Personal Budget

So many people I talk to are still yet to create and use their own personal budget, with most finding the mere word budget bringing them out in a cold sweat each time!
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Looking for a Start-Up Loan for Your Business? Here’s 2 Alternatives to Traditional Lenders

Inevitably, nearly all businesses will need to look at outside support when first beginning their business venture. However, borrowing money when you are in an established business is never an easy process, so you can only imagine how much difficult it is for those looking to get started in
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Looking for Ways to Conserve Your Business Cash? Here Are a Couple of Creative Tips to Employ

Everyone who runs their own business will know the value of having a good cash flow. Put simply, for a company to flourish and prosper the cash which flows into it needs to be more than the amount which makes its way out of it!
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Need a Good Investment Advisor? Here Are Some Features You Should Be Looking out for in a Potential Candidate

There comes a time in many people lives when they feel the need to employ some outside financial help, usually in the form of guidance from a professionally qualified person. An investment advisor is, therefore, a vast wealth of support as they can encourage you to keep your finances
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Why an Excel Spreadsheet Is Perfect for Self-Employed and Freelancers Starting Out

If you’re just beginning to work for yourself, and haven’t already done so, you will need to look at a practical way of recording your income and expenditure. If you’ve registered your new role for tax purposes, there’s absolutely no getting away from this.
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Looking to Become a More Credit Savvy Business Owner? Why Not Look at Implementing Some Successful Daily Habits?

Whether you have an established business or are just getting started in the industry, all business owners regardless of the size and structure of their company need to be credit savvy to keep their credit score high.
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Why a Budget Is an Essential Tool for All Small Businesses and Start-Ups

A critical financial and management guide, a budget is essential for all businesses, regardless of their size. However, there are still those smaller businesses who feel that a budget does not apply to their specific needs, believing that such a tool isn’t designed for their business type.
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How Balancing Your Business Bank Account Each Month Is Vital to Continued Success

Working in the business industry for many years, I have come across many small businesses who consistently fail to balance their bank accounts every month. As someone who has always balanced their own personal and business bank accounts on a regular basis, I struggle to understand why any business
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