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Here’s How to Fall in Love with Your Job Again

If you’ve ever heard the quote ‘Don’t live for the weekend’, but currently do, this post is for you. Have you fallen out of love with your job? If you loved your job once, and aren’t quite ready to try somewhere else, here are some tips for falling in
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Taking on Education as an Adult

Going back to education after you have left college can come as a shock to the system. It’s not easy to get your brain into that way of thinking again when you have already adapted to the work-life you chose. There are many reasons why a person would go
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Is It Too Late to Switch Careers?

Even though you might be well into your professional life and you may have even had the same job since you graduated from university, having worked your way up through a company, you might not be fulfilled. If you are struggling to find any sense of satisfaction at work,
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Staying Productive Whilst Working from Home

Whether you work from home full time or spend just a few days each week or month out of you usual office, staying productive and motivated can be tough. With so many distractions for you to waste your time on, you can easily lose track of time and end
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Make a Great Impression as a Professional

It goes without saying that making a good impression is a super important thing to do. When you are trying to make new friends or get ahead in life it is important to have connections, and the first impression you give can really change the way people think about
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Tips for Those Who Want to Travel and Work

The era of the freelancer, gig economy and the digital nomad. It has been a fantastic experience for many to pack up their laptop and work from any location in the world. It doesn’t work for all lifestyles, so before planning on travelling around the world for a year
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Dentistry as a Profession and as a Career

Those living amongst us who are of a more mature persuasion often reflect ruefully upon their childhood experiences with the dentist. If they are to be believed it was apparently one of the most scary aspects of growing up, with pain being inflicted almost gratuitously and in very generous
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Top Tips for Women Looking to Break into the Technology Sector

The technology sector holds plenty of appeal for talented and hardworking employees. From the relatively high average earnings of over $100,000 per year to the interesting and exciting tasks that many who work in the industry have to complete on a daily basis, there are lots of reasons to
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Retired Girls Can Still Do Business! Ways to Help the Next Generation with Your Valuable Skills and Expertise

With decades of valuable experience, for many women, the act of retiring is something they approach with apprehension, especially if they are yet unwilling to give it all up and stop working altogether. Having coached many women looking to get back into the business world after taking up retirement
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Heading Towards Retirement? Have You Made Sure All Your Needs Will Be Met?

When speaking to a number of retirement age clients over the years, one thing I have noticed is how unprepared those people feel when they reach the final stages of their working life. A big fear for most people at this point is purely financial. Understandably, retirement brings about
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