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Is Influencer Marketing the Key to Brand Recall?

Brand recall is a measure of how well a product name is connected to a type or class of products in people’s minds. It’s often measured by surveys and interviews that ask questions like “name as many models of cars as you can” or “what’s a Kleenex?”
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The Importance of SEO to Your New Small Business

If you intend to set up a new small business, particularly a web-based small business, then your success or failure is likely to depend, among many other things, upon your web presence. It goes without saying that visitors to your website need to be impressed by what they see.
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Why Link Building and SEO Are Essential to Business

So you have a snazzy new website with lights and bells and things that flash, and lots of great images that you’ve managed to source yourself and that really fit in with the message that you’ve trying to convey to your readership. So why is nobody visiting it?
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5 Tips on How to Maximize Marketing ROI for a Small Business

Maximizing marketing ROI is a necessary requirement for a small business success. Without this, you’ll be wasting your limited resources. This may lead you to joining the 20% of small businesses that fail in their first year or 50% that don’t make past their fifth (Fundera). To maximize marketing
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Looking to Attract More People to Your Website? Why Not Take Advantage of These Two Simple Online Marketing Basics?

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, the online marketing techniques that you employ are crucial and can determine whether you continue to derive more people to your site or whether you lose out substantially. Look at starting with the very basics and getting your online marketing
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How to Make Use of Current Online Marketing Trends to Drive Your Sales

With every new year comes a barrage of online marketing trends offering business various ways to employ new tactics to gain an even bigger audience than they already have. However, knowing and employing these trends are two different concepts entirely.
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