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Ways to Build a Bigger Brand Name in Your Marketplace

Business is all about branding. Having high-quality products is important, of course, but consumers really focus on a company’s brand before buying its services. Does McDonald’s make the best burgers and fries in the fast-food industry? It doesn’t matter – their name matters.
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How to Easily Do Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail isn’t dead. It can still be a useful marketing tool to help you boost your business. It’s often particularly useful for people who want to promote their business locally. You might think that direct mail campaigns are difficult, but they don’t have to be if you know
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The First Product Impression You Give Means Everything

It’s important to note that while we can consider consumers to be extremely complex and incredibly discerning, they do not always make their decisions based on the most rational or reasonable criteria. This sounds like a mode of thought designed to disrespect our consumers, but of course, that is
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A Lucrative Logo: What Makes a Strong Brand?

Branding has long been an important part of business. Over the last few years, though, this has kicked up a notch, with the number of businesses out in the world making all sorts of fields incredibly competitive. This means that you need to have a good, strong brand for
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4 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Products

What makes your brand? Is it the color of your logo? The rigorous way in which you recruit, train and onboard your team members? Perhaps it’s your website or social media presence? Or maybe it’s the physical presence of your business itself (if a physical premises it has)? Could
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You’ve Got a Website, but What About an App?

An app is something you might not have seriously considered before now. After all, it’s usually only the bigger businesses and giant corporations that bring out apps for their customers to download. You’ve got a small company, or a home business; what could an app do for you?
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Creating a Buzz for Your Biz in the Digital World: Here’s How

When it comes to the digital world, it is important for your business to be able to stand out from the crowd. So many things are done online these days. People shop online, they look for new things, read reviews and even make big decisions based on what they
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Building Lasting Relationships with Customers to Build Your Reputation

Every entrepreneur needs to value their customers. Obviously, you understand that they’re important because their money keeps your business running. However, you need to view your client base as more than just a source of income.
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Is Influencer Marketing the Key to Brand Recall?

Brand recall is a measure of how well a product name is connected to a type or class of products in people’s minds. It’s often measured by surveys and interviews that ask questions like “name as many models of cars as you can” or “what’s a Kleenex?”
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The Importance of SEO to Your New Small Business

If you intend to set up a new small business, particularly a web-based small business, then your success or failure is likely to depend, among many other things, upon your web presence. It goes without saying that visitors to your website need to be impressed by what they see.
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