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6 Tips for Women Striving to Start Their Own Online Business

Girl bosses are on the rise and there’s never been a better time for aspiring female entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. Today we have a few pieces of wisdom and inspiration from Diane Elizabeth, the founder of Skincare Ox, a woman who’s successfully created and run her
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The Benefits of Relationship-Building in and Outside Work

These days, it isn’t enough to provide an innovative and helpful product or service. The marketplace is vast, and with the ability to shop online and choose from a wide variety of competitors, building relationships with customers is essential. But don’t stop at your clients – making meaningful connections
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Top Tips for Women Looking to Break into the Technology Sector

The technology sector holds plenty of appeal for talented and hardworking employees. From the relatively high average earnings of over $100,000 per year to the interesting and exciting tasks that many who work in the industry have to complete on a daily basis, there are lots of reasons to
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Real Estate Market Trends in the UK That Investors Should Be Aware Of

Investors in real estate need to keep track of various trends shaping the market to maximise their investments. At the moment the real estate market is currently going through an upheaval. This will impact female investors in both positive and negative ways. Here are the most recent trends that
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5 Tips on How to Maximize Marketing ROI for a Small Business

Maximizing marketing ROI is a necessary requirement for a small business success. Without this, you’ll be wasting your limited resources. This may lead you to joining the 20% of small businesses that fail in their first year or 50% that don’t make past their fifth (Fundera). To maximize marketing
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How You Can Save on Car Insurance This Winter

The colder months can be a dangerous time for drivers. Snow and ice make roads slippery. Shorter days means more people are on the roads in the dark. Cases of collisions involving wildlife significantly rise during the winter, typically because animals crossing the road are much harder to spot.
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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Stocks

If you’ve been thinking about building up your investment portfolio recently, then stocks may be a good asset to start with. Stocks are some of the most common trading commodities, as they take advantage of a growing economy. As a country’s economy grows, corporate earnings grow with it.
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What It Takes to Be a Successful Trader. 4 Tips to Keep Your Trading Experience a Good One

The world of trading is often alien to many people who feel they lack the confidence to trade successfully. However, though it may be a more specialist topic than most areas of the business world, trading can be a great experience.
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Retired Girls Can Still Do Business! Ways to Help the Next Generation with Your Valuable Skills and Expertise

With decades of valuable experience, for many women, the act of retiring is something they approach with apprehension, especially if they are yet unwilling to give it all up and stop working altogether. Having coached many women looking to get back into the business world after taking up retirement
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No Experience in Real Estate? Don’t Let That Hold You Back from Investing

So many people look at the real estate market and wish they could be a part of it but are prevented from doing so, for fear of having no real experience to guide them through it successfully.
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