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Is Influencer Marketing the Key to Brand Recall?

Brand recall is a measure of how well a product name is connected to a type or class of products in people’s minds. It’s often measured by surveys and interviews that ask questions like “name as many models of cars as you can” or “what’s a Kleenex?”
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The Unique Role of Glass in the Construction Business

Think of glass as a construction material and almost invariably the image conjured up will be of windows. Big windows, small windows, ornate windows, double or treble-glazed windows – but invariably windows.
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The Importance of SEO to Your New Small Business

If you intend to set up a new small business, particularly a web-based small business, then your success or failure is likely to depend, among many other things, upon your web presence. It goes without saying that visitors to your website need to be impressed by what they see.
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Dentistry as a Profession and as a Career

Those living amongst us who are of a more mature persuasion often reflect ruefully upon their childhood experiences with the dentist. If they are to be believed it was apparently one of the most scary aspects of growing up, with pain being inflicted almost gratuitously and in very generous
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6 Tips for Running a Successful Online Jewelry Business

If jewelry is your area of expertise then selling it online can be a great idea for setting up a small business and making some extra money. Whether you plan to drop ship, retain stock or even manufacture your own these tips might prove useful to you in your
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5 Cool Locations for a Small Business in the US

One of the very biggest and most important decisions that you will take when launching your new start-up is where it will actually be located. Whilst many new entrepreneurs will be compelled by circumstance to set up shop wherever it is they happen to be living, if you have
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The Business of Providing Natural Remedies

One area of activity in which public interest has increased exponentially over recent years is alternative medicine. Increasing awareness of natural remedies for a whole spectrum of ailments combined with a healthy cynicism towards the pharmaceutical industry and its often questionable activities and priorities has led many to distrust
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Trading in Nature’s Goodness

If you are looking for a line of business that is relatively new to the market, you’ll do well to find a better example than CBDs. Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is one of the primary compounds found in the hemp plant. Unlike the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is the
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The Path Which Will Lead Towards Success in Forex Trading

Currency trading can be an art which includes experience. Once we err and show up, we grow to greater levels. Who does not need to become a billionaire? And forex trading appears to be a fairly easy way to do this, provided we play our credit cards right.
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5 Top Tips for Growing Your Business

The mistake many new business owners make is to try to grow too quickly. Impatient to make it to the big time, they cut corners and often lose touch with the reality of their situation as it currently is. Much better to consolidate at the beginning, taking all appropriate
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